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Yasmine Defouni

I help real people find their health one step at time

I understand that living in the real world with the levels of stress, work, family and social obligations, means taking care of yourself and your own health can fall behind. In order for you to be your most productive, happy and vibrant self, to live that busy life to the fullest, you have to nourish yourself.

I provide nutrition and life style plans that work for you and your real life.

Let’s chat and I’ll explain how it works!


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I would like to share my wonderful experience with Yasmine. We started our health coaching session only one month ago. I was at my worst level of health – I can’t work or exercise or even do my simple task as a mother to my family. Yasmine helped me to get to my energy and myself back in no time. My energy is coming back and I started exercise yesterday for the first time in a very long time! I was also able to go out with my family and enjoy it instead of being exhausted and sitting most of the time. Her magic words that got me was when she told me “I believe in baby steps” and you will get your old self slowly – withoutpressure. I had back pain for the past 8 years and I did all kinds of Physio, Accupanture, Yoga etc. Not one practitioner told me to try stoping gluten and dairy and see how I feel. I feel so much better !!! Yasmine, from our first visit and consultation was able to pinpoint my main issues and knew what steps to take to help start feeling better. I will continue with her till the end, I love her advice and her beautiful energy. Thank you!

F.A., Montreal February, 2019

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