I had never thought about getting help for my nutrition/diet needs. Since my first pregnancy I became more aware of my food sources and choices that will ultimately nourish my child. This awareness continued post birth and until today. Nevertheless, I was always interested in learning about how to optimize our nutrition and I have been closely following Yasmine’s growth and journey. Last summer, after two injuries, a long break , a couple of add on kilos, and a general state of inertia, I finally reached out to Yasmine for coaching.

I loved the fact that she does not push her own agenda on you, she builds our awareness and provides guidance for us to make better choices. I was truly impressed by the depth of her knowledge and by quality of follow up after each session. She backs everything she recommends. And it is only up to me to take her guidance to the level I am comfortable with. Her tools are so simple: we started out with a food diary which was an immediate eye opener. We worked a plan to commit to regular weekly exercise and we would have mini goals after each session.

Our weekly touchpoints anchored me and like a kid I was looking forward to share with her my “accomplishment’” or my “eureka moments”. After the inevitable falling off balance during the xmas holidays, I was surprised to see that my efforts had not gone in vain at the start of 2018! I am a firm believer in Yasmine and her abilities to help a person reach their desired goal. She is the ultimate reference point for me and I highly recommend her to all my friend that express a desire in seeking out better nutrition for themselves and their families.

Yasmine is professional, respectful, energetic, emphatic, and most importantly she is driven by her passion to raise awareness and educate people in a fun way and respecting one’s boundaries.

thank you Yasmine.
Love you

Sherif ElGhatrifi

This whole group interaction made it a great experience I must admit… Yasmine Defouni a big huge thank you for pulling this off it has really changed how I eat even when traveling and the most amazing thing is my cravings and taste for foods that I like have fundamentally changed thank you.

Amira Tarkhan

I wanted to share with you my experience so far because I never thought I would be able to stick to the program without feeling hungry or having cravings that I cannot control. I was for sure wrong. So far, I am eating healthy and enjoying it. I don’t skip meals, I eat on time, I don’t get hungry and the best part is that I already learned so much in 4 days. My husband got interested in learning more about the program and the benefits of clean eating – he is following the guidelines and decided to change his eating habits as well. I have to say that now I look forward opening Facebook to get inspired by a new post of a creative dish/meal….

Amira Tarkhan

Hi All!!! I am very excited to join the program and nice to see familiar faces here.I joined the challenge because I’m very interested in changing my eating habits and learn how to eat right. I used to lead a very unhealthy diet, eating one meal a day and not eating enough vegetables and fruits. Not to mention the amount of toxins and hormones that is in everything we eat. My main focus was to lose a couple of kilos, but then realized that while eating right and giving my body what it needs rather than what it doesn’t need – it will help me reach my optimum weight. Since I’m a beginner, I have to say that the group concept is very motivating and having Yasmine Defouni‘s guidance will help me learn so much.

Alia S.

Yasmine, I can’t thank you enough for transforming my life!! I am finally making the right food choices. I am well informed about everything I eat or drink, and I am fully aware of the health benefits that each ingredient adds to my body, mind, and soul. Not only that, but I am now able to set realistic and achievable goals that take my entire life through gradual steps towards success. Thanks to Healthytude, I learned how to keep a balance between different aspects of my life and to strive to improve every day.