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February 2017 archive

Your formula for eating on your next trip!


It’s time for the holidays and if you’re working on adjusting your weight, you’ll want to follow this guideline for your trip.
Here’s what I do: every time I go to breakfast, lunch or dinner I follow the servings like in the pictures of the plate below. 
Step 1: fill HALF your plate with vegetables and leafy greens.
Step 2: fill quarter with a whole grain or slow digesting carbohydrate like sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice.
Step 3: fill the last quarter with protein (animal or non-animal).
that’s your winner formula right there!

Save this picture on the phone on your plate to go back to.


It’s small changes like these that lead to the bigger changes that leave you feeling and looking great.  If you’re looking to feel amazing energy and look great, let’s chat! Book here or email

Happy holidays,

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