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Work With Yasmine

Fully Personalized One-to-One Coaching

I support you with regaining your energy and balance in the areas you need support and nourishment in the most.

We go into details about your current health, diet, and lifestyle.
We look at your personal likes and dislikes, assess your favorite meals and customize them to meet your health, weight and wellness goal.
We put the structure together of how to support yourself deeply and take-on habits that you can come back to.
We put together a structure for your meals that suits you,
I provide you with informative  handouts, tips, recipes and recommendations
We simply incorporate healthier foods and ways of living into your day-today to nourish yourself and your family.
You will eat better and so feel better!
You feel better and and look vibrant from the inside out 
Package Details:
8 Week Sessions
Month 1
2 x 60 minute coaching sessions
2 x 30 minute ‘check-in’ sessions in alternation
Month 2 
2 x 60 minute coaching sessions
Month 3 
2 x 60 minute coaching sessions
The sessions can be done in person or online (phone/video) Mondays to Fridays.
*Time to be determined depending on where we both are in the world
Our calls are scheduled on a weekly basis the first 4 weeks. If after 4 sessions you feel comfortable to space them out – to every 2 weeks, we do that. If you prefer to keep them intensive (weekly) we can do that too. It’s always best to go at your pace to make sure you are following the recommendations, incorporating and most of all maintaining the healthier habits we set in place to reach your goals.
You receive feedback each week to help you implement small and sustainable changes, at a pace that is comfortable for you.
For the duration of the program, you can reach me via text message (or What’s App) and via Email in between sessions for any simple or complicated question you may have.
Your commitment + my support and guidance = RESULTS!
Want more details? Let’s chat! 
 90 – Minute Breakthrough Session 
This is a great way to work with me if you don’t want to commit to a program.
If you are new to the whole foods lifestyle, want a solution to a health concern that’s been holding you back, and a customized 2-day sample meals to help you get started on your health journey, this is perfect for you.
Got questions? Want more details?
When you feel good, life is good. I encourage you to sign up now because you’re busy and in 5 minutes, something else will get you busy. Take this moment to sign up if it feels right for you. 
Let’s get you started! 
You can also email me anytime