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Here’s what my client Sherif El Ghatrifi had to say after joining my programs:

“Yasmine Defouni, you made this whole experience great fun and kept us in check throughout the program. The group interaction made it a great experience. I must admit, it has really changed how I eat, even when traveling. In addition to losing weight, the most amazing is my cravings and taste for foods that I like have fundamentally changed. Thank you”


When Mohamed read Sherif’s post, we started working together. You won’t believe how far he’s come in so little time:

“I consider myself lucky to have gotten in touch with you after seeing our common friend’s post on Facebook. For the last 8 weeks, I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions where I have learned how to have fun while at the same time living and leading a healthy life full of energy and enthusiasm – what a discovery!   I learned how to eat clean healthy foods that I enjoy, found out what types of food are good for my body and what types are actually not fitting me. I have lost around 6 Kg so far. I took the decision to stop smoking after 20+ years of being a smoker. Thank you for  supporting my decision. Our sessions are opening up the road to rediscover who I am. I believe that I still have a long way to go, many challenges and personal targets to achieve. Thank you. My next goal is to train for a Triathlon!” Mohamed H.

Do you want to incorporate healthier foods and ways of living into your day-to-day? Let’s chat and I’ll explain how we do that.


Nada’s exciting results when she joined my program:

“I had been eating ‘healthy’ for a few years when I joined Yasmine’s program based on recommendations. My goal was to understand what works for my body and how I can make sure I’m getting all the nutrition needed. I also wanted to understand what are the suitable portions for every meal/food type and the list went on. At the bottom of the list was losing weight. I knew that if I got the hang of clean eating and understanding my body, the weight will start coming off on its own and I was right.

On the first day, the recommended breakfast was 2 eggs with veggies and to say I was skeptical is a huge understatement. I was so sure that i would munch on something sooner rather than later – how could I not when I usually eat 4 eggs for breakfast with bread – but to my surprise, the 2 eggs sat very well in my stomach and kept me full till the first snack and this was my first epiphany. From that point, epiphanies came pouring down on me. I was over feeding myself. Even if the food types are healthy, still I was eating double the recommended portion. The more I followed the program and consulted Yasmine, the more I understood what my body needs and how it works. I learned SO MUCH about my body in 3 weeks. Now I know when I’m really hungry and when it’s a false alarm. I know when to increase my portion and when to decrease it. I know which foods make me feel good. Suddenly, I was more drawn to raw foods. Whenever I feel hungry, I reach for greens, fruits, raw nuts. I could see my eating habits changing and I could not be happier.

And like I said, once I got a hang of how to deal with my body and stuck with an exercise that suits my body and schedule, the weight just started melting. In 3 weeks, I lost 4.5kg without starving myself. I still ate that piece of chocolate when I wanted and had pancakes for breakfast and even had tiramisu when I felt like it but balance is the key and Yasmine has helped me find that balance. I’m so excited to continue learning about my body and exploring clean eating.” Nada M.

When you improve your food choices, you feel more nourished. You become more energized. You look better AND you lose some weight in the process. When you support others to do that you get funny pictures sent to you like this one from Vally:

Happiness with Healthytude

“From craving chocolates and candies to craving Broccoli and Artichoke, this is the effect of a Super Health Coach/Magician always here for her clients.”Vally H.

Alia was so focused and organized, I loved leading her through her transformation:  

“Yasmine, I can’t thank you enough for transforming my life!! I am finally making the right food choices. I am well informed about everything I eat or drink, and I am fully aware of the health benefits that each ingredient adds to my body, mind, and soul.

Not only that, but I am now able to set realistic and achievable goals that take my entire life through gradual steps towards success. Thanks to Healthytude, I learned how to keep a balance between different aspects of my life and to strive to improve every day.” Alia E.

Why not add Smoothies? 

“Smoothies….family members now ask me for them. Exercise is going great. Decluttering going on slowly, So you see lots of times a day I say thank you Yasmine!” Laila A.

Read Dejana’s long-lasting results 

An EXCELLENT coach! Someone that knows how to approach her clients by using different tools and tactics in a way that makes one comfortable, eager and motivated to continue the program. Very organized and helped me with my organizational skills. Over 2 years ago I took a decision to change my way of living.  At different stages I tackled different issues that I had and things that I wanted to change. My eating habits and eating healthy were one of them. So at the beginning of this year when my best friend and now my health coach asked me if I would like her to be my health coach, I agreed to it with no hesitation!

Many people turn to health coaching for the main purpose of losing weight.  Your health coach highlights a way life that will enable you to not only lose weight but gain energy, get fit, let go of what is draining you, and show you how to add positivity and happiness to your day to day life.

I’m close to finishing my 12 sessions and happy to say that not only did I learn what to look out for when buying food/products, why organic products are good for us, what we get out of different types of foods and how eating some food products drives our moods, but I also expanded my organizational skills and gained the tools to set my health and lifestyle goals and how to reach them.” As Buddha says “Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” Dejana M. 

What do you look forward to in your week?

 “Our Monday appointments is something I look forward to now. I cannot believe how time has flown by and you have helped me in a lot more ways; tangible and intangible than expected. More than u know:)” Rania F.

I would love to chat with you about your health and wellness needs! I’m happy to explain how I work. Book your free chat today!