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Running & Dancing to Support Cancer!



My friends and I spent Friday night running 5K and dancing to the music at the biggest amusement park in Montreal for the Night Nation Run.  Not your normal run, this movement was to support the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) organization and their ground breaking initiative to accelerate cancer research.

Yesterday also coincided with my daughter’s post-treatment check-up at hospital which we have every 3-months.

My sporty side combined with our family’s story with cancer made this event a must go! Almost all families we know have someone who’s life has been touched by cancer. So every time you can make a difference in someone’s life, go for it! Participate in fundraisers, donate when you can and most importantly take care of your health.

Here are 5 easy tips that require minimal effort and have a big impact on your health:

  1. Heating plastic containers and plastic wrap a big No No!. Exposing them to heat releases different chemicals into your food and have been linked to different types of cancer like breast cancer tumours. They even look and smell weird when you do!
  2. Switch to glass containers – switching your plastic containers to glass containers make it easier to follow through with #1.
  3. Smokes: make the inside of your home a ‘No Smoking” zone. Even if you don’t smoke, exposure to secondhand smoke might increase you and your kids risk of cancer. If your guests insist on smoking, ask them to go outside on a balcony or garden. Start with yourself. It builds awareness and gets them thinking.
  4. Limit processed meats – such as hot dogs, store bought burgers, turkey and chicken cold cuts. Other than not knowing what meat is really in them, they contain chemical additives to preserve them that have been linked to cancer. If you have a nutritional need for meat, eat fresh, unprocessed meat from a trusted source.
  5. Load up on plenty of fruits and vegetables! We’re talking 70% of your daily intake! Eat salads, drink smoothies, and munch and munch or raw veggies and fruits. If you find organic, even better. This is the easiest way to flood your body with vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and natural sugars that your body needs for optimum functioning.

Keep moving and be proactive about your health!

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Certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach

I teach busy women how to simply incorporate healthier foods and ways of living to nourish themselves and their families so they can feel and look vibrant from the inside out!

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