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Eat to Slim Down & Energize 6-Week Program


Are you feeling bloated and heavy after the holidays?

Are you unhappy with the way you look and feel in your clothes?

Are you low on energy and feeling moody?

Are you feeling stuck with what to eat?

Do you want to make your kids better meals but not sure what to prepare?


My Eat to Slim Down and Energize 6-Week Program 

Let’s do this together!

You will learn:

Exactly which foods work for you (and your family)

How to eat to get to your desired weight

Easy, quick preparation tips for long term success

To simply organize your meals and day to reach your health and lifestyle goals

How to nourish your body with movement

 You will feel:

Confident about what to eat, when and how much

Relaxed about preparation and organization of meals for you and your family

Happy and in control of your day-to-day

Smoking hot because you lose the extra weight – and know how to keep it off!

Regain your energy and feel invigorated from the inside out – no more  bloat, aches or pains!

We’ll do that in an incredible community of support to help motivate you and keep you on track!


Here’s what my client Sherif El Ghatrifi had to say after joining my programs:

“Yasmine Defouni, you made this whole experience great fun and kept us in check throughout the program. The group interaction made it a great experience. I must admit, it has really changed how I eat, even when traveling. In addition to losing weight, the most amazing is my cravings and taste for foods that I like have fundamentally changed. Thank you”


In my new upcoming program, I’ll be showing you how to achieve your ideal weight too. I’ll walk you through the same process I walked Sherif through that helped him loose 20kg without starving himself. I’ll show you how to add-in foods that are both nutritious and delicious and the invigorating feeling of embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Got questions about the program? Book your free chat here!

This is your chance to focus on you!


Week 1 – Set your goals for the program and get organized and measured. 

Week 2 – Set a daily routine for you and take a closer look at your cravings and the kind of carbohydrates you should be eating.

Week 3 – Meaningful movement and exercise, pre & post workout snacks and where to get the best protein. 

Week 4 – Eating to fuel your body – Portion sizes, healthy snack options and adding nutrients to your dishes.

Week 5 – Your Food-Mood connection, Stress and Mindset  how balancing other areas of your life such as healthy passions and interests that feed your mind and heart are just as important for maintaining good health and wellbeing as food. .

Week 6 – Tools for success – simple, effective tools and tips for how to carry on with healthy habits after the program ends.


We start February 13th!

Got questions about the program? Book your free chat here!


Once you sign up, you’ll receive:

  1. A weekly focus email 
  2. A weekly Meal Plan 
  3. Your Recipe Book 
  4. Your Shopping List 
  5. Your Exercise Planner
  6. Access to the program’s private Facebook Group
  7. SUPPORT, MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION for the full 6-weeks! 

 You will love the results!

“I’ve been eating ‘healthy’ for a few years but I joined Yasmine’s program based on recommendations. My goal was to understand what works for my body and how can I make sure I’m getting all the nutrition needed. I also wanted to understand what are the suitable portions for every meal/food type and the list went on. At the bottom of the list was losing weight. I knew that if I got the hang of clean eating and understanding my body, the weight will start coming off on its own and I was right.

On the first day, the recommended breakfast was 2 eggs with veggies and to say I was skeptical is a huge understatement. I was so sure that i would munch on something sooner rather than later – how could I not when I usually eat 4 eggs for breakfast with bread – but to my surprise, the 2 eggs sat very well in my stomach and kept me full till the first snack and this was my first epiphany. From that point, epiphanies came pouring down on me. I was over feeding myself. Even if the food types are healthy, still I was eating double the recommended portion. The more I followed the program and consulted Yasmine, the more I understood what my body needs and how it works. I learned SO MUCH about my body in 3 weeks. Now I know when I’m really hungry and when it’s a false alarm. I know when to increase my portion and when to decrease it. I know which foods make me feel good. Suddenly, I was more drawn to raw foods. Whenever I feel hungry, I reach for greens, fruits, raw nuts. I could see my eating habits changing and I could not be happier.

And like I said, once I got a hang of how to deal with my body and stuck with an exercise that suits my body and schedule, the weight just started melting. In 3 weeks, I lost 4.5kg without starving myself. I still ate that piece of chocolate when I wanted and had pancakes for breakfast and even had tiramisu when I felt like it but balance is the key and Yasmine has helped me find that balance. I’m so excited to continue learning about my body and exploring clean eating.” Nada 

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Let’s face it; making changes with our diet and lifestyle isn’t easy. It can seem overwhelming when we aren’t really sure where to start or what to do for a long-term strategy.

Got questions about the program? Book your free chat here!

Do this program with your BFF, family, friend or colleagues! – the extra support is awesome!

Join the Program today through February 13!

Only $197 (EGP3600)

Sign up NOW!


*For cash option in EGP call Vally +201221636129 or email

 Join us! 

 Got questions about the program? Book your free chat here!



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