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Your formula for eating on your next trip!


It’s time for the holidays and if you’re working on adjusting your weight, you’ll want to follow this guideline for your trip.
Here’s what I do: every time I go to breakfast, lunch or dinner I follow the servings like in the pictures of the plate below. 
Step 1: fill HALF your plate with vegetables and leafy greens.
Step 2: fill quarter with a whole grain or slow digesting carbohydrate like sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice.
Step 3: fill the last quarter with protein (animal or non-animal).
that’s your winner formula right there!

Save this picture on the phone on your plate to go back to.


It’s small changes like these that lead to the bigger changes that leave you feeling and looking great.  If you’re looking to feel amazing energy and look great, let’s chat! Book here or email

Happy holidays,

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Once of the quickest easiest ways to balance your nutrition habits (leading to a slimmer and healthier you) is to choose foods that FUEL your body instead of EMPTY calories.

The easiest way to do that is to have healthy SNACKS on you at all times.

You and (your kids) will eat what you find at home or in your bag!

Here’s are some healthy snack ideas for you:
Dried fruit and nuts
Fresh fruits and nuts
Raw veggies
Raw veggies + light dip like yoghurt, hummus or avocado dip!


PS. Stay tuned for doors to open to sign-up for the program on October 3rd!

Together we’ll learn exactly what foods to eat, when and how, what preparation and organization tools work for you and your family, and how to shed the extra weight and keep it off. Being in control of these means, you will feel relaxed about the demands of your busy life and will have more energy and confidence to enjoy your day-to-day.

I can’t wait to share the details with you!

Before you go get your free How to Pack Your Lunch Guide here

In health,

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Your Post Summer Formula!



You haven’t heard from me in a while!  I was on holiday back home in Egypt enjoying the beaches of the North Coast. I couldn’t have asked for more than my favourite beach spot in the world with family and old friends. I even took advantage of my spotty internet connection and went for a semi-digital detox.

This didn’t last too long as I couldn’t resist but say YES to giving a Workshop at the UK Embassy in Cairo. We spent a few hours with 24 embassy employees showing them how they can improve their health by making simple, better choices at work and at home to improve their diet and lifestyle and reduce stress. We shared some delicious, local easy to prep foods made in healthy way at lunch time. The pictures say it all!


Since you’ve been asking for healthy lunch ideas for both your kids and yourself, l prepared this for you.

I know! I know! I’d rather find ideas on how we can live at the beach right now, but your brain and body will thank you for filling up on delicious nutritious foods!

Many of us have picky eaters at home which means packing school lunches and your own lunch can be very stressful.

To make things easier, I developed a system you can use when packing those lunches

 Use my clean eating formula! 

 Using my formula means we are sure we are taking in healthy nutritious foods on a daily basis!

This formula works with my kids and is perfect for adults too!

Each meal should have:

  • Protein (ex. beans, eggs, quinoa, organic chicken)
  • Clean Carbs (ex. brown rice, basmati rice, sweet potato, *bread only whole grain or gluten-free bread if you are intolerant to wheat.
  • A Healthy Fat (ex. olive oil, avocado, hummus, walnuts)
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • A Fun Snack! – I sneak in a healthy treat here and there like organic chocolate chips on fruits, date balls, or home-made muffins.

Take a look at what I made these yummy salads for my hubby and I to take to work yesterday in a few minutes. Trick: toss all the ingredients in a glass container, season with lemon and olive oil and you’re done! 


My formula is based on:

Energy and focus increase when kids (and adults) eat more WHOLE, CLEAN foods.

The less dairy and processed foods containing gluten you consume the better you will feel. These substances can lead to sluggishness, feeling tired and unfocused.

On the days you send sandwiches or crackers to school choose the most wholesome you can find. For example balady (pita) bread is better than processed buns.

Whole grains are better than white bread.

Sprouted grains and gluten-free varieties are great.


Download your HOW TO PACK YOUR LUNCH GUIDE to keep on your fridge!


And for those not-so-healthy treats, here are clean substitutes:

Potato Chips:  home made versions of potato chips, sweet potato chips, roasted chickpeas.

Dessert: home-made cake, muffins, energy balls, granola bars and home-made Nutella! 

It absolutely necessary you give your kids and yourself the best ammunition possible through food so you can have energy, focus, feel happy, maintain a healthy weight and to succeed at what you’re doing!

Download your HOW TO PACK YOUR LUNCH GUIDE to keep on your fridge!

PS. I have a program coming up for you very soon. It will show you how to simply incorporate healthier foods and ways of living to nourish yourselves and your families so they can feel and look vibrant from the inside out – and lose weight in the process! Doors open to sign up on October 3rd! I can’t wait to share the details with you!

In health,

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Yasmine Defouni,

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Certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach

Are we connected on my Facebook page?  You can find me here where I share special updates, tips and inspiration for healthy living You can also follow me on Instagram Make sure you’ve signed-up for my Newsletter here!

























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Running & Dancing to Support Cancer!



My friends and I spent Friday night running 5K and dancing to the music at the biggest amusement park in Montreal for the Night Nation Run.  Not your normal run, this movement was to support the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) organization and their ground breaking initiative to accelerate cancer research.

Yesterday also coincided with my daughter’s post-treatment check-up at hospital which we have every 3-months.

My sporty side combined with our family’s story with cancer made this event a must go! Almost all families we know have someone who’s life has been touched by cancer. So every time you can make a difference in someone’s life, go for it! Participate in fundraisers, donate when you can and most importantly take care of your health.

Here are 5 easy tips that require minimal effort and have a big impact on your health:

  1. Heating plastic containers and plastic wrap a big No No!. Exposing them to heat releases different chemicals into your food and have been linked to different types of cancer like breast cancer tumours. They even look and smell weird when you do!
  2. Switch to glass containers – switching your plastic containers to glass containers make it easier to follow through with #1.
  3. Smokes: make the inside of your home a ‘No Smoking” zone. Even if you don’t smoke, exposure to secondhand smoke might increase you and your kids risk of cancer. If your guests insist on smoking, ask them to go outside on a balcony or garden. Start with yourself. It builds awareness and gets them thinking.
  4. Limit processed meats – such as hot dogs, store bought burgers, turkey and chicken cold cuts. Other than not knowing what meat is really in them, they contain chemical additives to preserve them that have been linked to cancer. If you have a nutritional need for meat, eat fresh, unprocessed meat from a trusted source.
  5. Load up on plenty of fruits and vegetables! We’re talking 70% of your daily intake! Eat salads, drink smoothies, and munch and munch or raw veggies and fruits. If you find organic, even better. This is the easiest way to flood your body with vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and natural sugars that your body needs for optimum functioning.

Keep moving and be proactive about your health!

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Certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach

I teach busy women how to simply incorporate healthier foods and ways of living to nourish themselves and their families so they can feel and look vibrant from the inside out!

P.S.  Are we connected on my Facebook page?  You can find me here where I share special updates, tips and inspiration for healthy living You can also follow me on Instagram And make sure you’ve signed-up for my Newsletter here!


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Fasting Fantastic!


It’s that time of year where articles on how to have a better Ramadan are to be found everywhere. I’m guilty of having written one too.

I could tell you to stay hydrated, eat lots of salads and fruit and stay away from white sugar.

But you already know that.

Have you taken a deeper look at the practice of fasting?

At the effect it has on your body?

Rather than focusing on what you cannot have all day, have you tuned into what you are gaining from it?

Lets’ decode the bigger impact fasting has on you and why you will positively embrace it to reap the benefits.

Did you know all cultures and religions have a form of fasting practice?

All cultures and religions practice one form or another of fasting.  Fasting means you voluntarily abstain from consuming certain types of food or all foods and liquids for pre-determined lengths of time.

Why? Because fasting has a positive impact on our spirituality, body and brains.

Brains? That’s a new one. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

Since we are in Ramadan, I’ll start with Spirituality. When you practice self-restraint, it leads to higher spirituality. Spirituality strengthens your discipline. This leads to heightened awareness and enlightenment and is a catalyst to being in tune with your needs and to leading a healthier life.

Physically – you lose weight! Daily reduced caloric intake leads to significant weight loss. If that is one of your goals, beware of downing all the konafa and basbousa you can get your hands on the minute you break your fast. But there is more to fasting than the intent to lose weight. Fasting it gives your body the break it needs from digestion.

Over the years, your body accumulates toxins from the foods you consume, medicine you take and the chemicals and pollutants you are exposed in your daily life to name a few.

When the body is not busy digesting, it is able to get rid of toxins. Allowing the body to cleanse means it is able to heal itself. Practitioners and patients have reported fasting to have a healed digestive disorders and reduced or cured symptoms linked to it, like regulation of bowel movements, reducing acne, bloating, join pains, allergies and headaches to name a few.

Now for brain function – studies have shown that bouts of fasting are essential for the brain to clean itself and create new neurons and communication lines. This means a sharper brain, better memory, and more powerful mental acuity.

So the next time you want to rush through Ramadan or any other fast, get thinking

Make sure you consume the right foods, in the right quantity and at the right times as that means you can have energy to focus on your daily tasks, sustain an active lifestyle and attain the full benefits. You can save the Infographic I put together for you and refer back to it.

Ramadan 2016 - meal visual

Now the science part!

Normally, the body uses glucose from it’s last meal as it’s main source of energy. When it doesn’t need to use it, it stores it in the liver and muscles. The stored form is called Glycogen.

When you fast, once the glucose runs out, the body first uses up stored glycogen. Once the glycogen runs out then fat becomes the next source of energy.

Many toxins are stored in the body’s fat. When you burn fat, the toxins are dissolved and removed from the body.

Make it past the first few days and you’ll experience higher levels of endorphins (feel good chemicals) which make you more alert and give you an overall feeling of mental wellbeing


This Ramadan be aware of why you are fasting and perhaps make a conscious effort of not joining everyone’s chorus of bemoaning going through fasting.

Think about it, if you are going to do it in all cases, you might as well do it while reaping its benefits and being aware of how you are getting better at it every day.

One of the proven ways to remain engaged in your awareness is to participate and be active with a group of like-minded friends. You can do just that by joining my FREE Ramadan Facebook group


Happy fasting!

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